• That means ...

    • SUPerb : Stamp in very fine quality, best at the normal quality
    • Very Fine : Stamp in fine quality, no fault
    • Fine/Very Fine : stamp in good quality with very little fault (value a little less at the normal).
    • Fine : Stamp with little fault, nice to see with price less at the normal.
    • DEFault : Stamp with fault, very low price.

    • Mint never hinged, intact gum
    • Mint hinged
    • used
    • no gum
    • Mint not original gum nine
    • imporferated
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  • EN
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  • NL
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Purchase stamps Herstal

Lauphilat Collections philatelists represents a team specialized in buying stamps in Herstal, Liege and Belgium as well as in the sale of old stamps but also leaflets and postcards.

Our unused or used stamps sales company, with or without the original gum achieves sales worldwide collections of stamps and thanks to a sales device online or stamp auction of rare stamps .dropoff window

You find this site various sorting systems to sort the stamps by theme, category, but also filter by quality (with or without hinges, ...).

Our search system should allow you to find your happiness among a wide selection of stamps and postcard slip all countries.

However, if you do not find what you want so take the time to fill out the form to contact us search for you!