• That means ...

    • SUPerb : Stamp in very fine quality, best at the normal quality
    • Very Fine : Stamp in fine quality, no fault
    • Fine/Very Fine : stamp in good quality with very little fault (value a little less at the normal).
    • Fine : Stamp with little fault, nice to see with price less at the normal.
    • DEFault : Stamp with fault, very low price.

    • Mint never hinged, intact gum
    • Mint hinged
    • used
    • no gum
    • Mint not original gum nine
    • imporferated
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  • EN
  • FR
  • NL
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Purchase stamps Geer

Lauphilat Collections is a great reference for purchasing stamp Geer or Liège in Belgium and everywhere because we have a service that specializes in the sale of effective collections of stamps and our prices are very competitive.

We have extensive experience in achieving sale of stamp by auction but also in the direct selling stamps. Obviously you can navigate through the different categories of rare stamps and collectable and our website even has different filtering systems for quality (with gum without gum, hinge, ...).

If a stamp is not in the list please ask via the contact page!