• That means ...

    • SUPerb : Stamp in very fine quality, best at the normal quality
    • Very Fine : Stamp in fine quality, no fault
    • Fine/Very Fine : stamp in good quality with very little fault (value a little less at the normal).
    • Fine : Stamp with little fault, nice to see with price less at the normal.
    • DEFault : Stamp with fault, very low price.

    • Mint never hinged, intact gum
    • Mint hinged
    • used
    • no gum
    • Mint not original gum nine
    • imporferated
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  • NL
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Buy stamp Faimes

Purchase of stamps Faimes, Liege and Belgium is possible by Lauphilat, the specialist sale of rare stamps from all countries.

Multes years since it was with great skill, passion, and knowledge, we realize the sale of stamps rare position worldwide.

Thus we have as philatelists impressive amount of collectible stamps and they have a postmark or not a hinge or not, we pose no problem because we really have a choice.

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