• That means ...

    • SUPerb : Stamp in very fine quality, best at the normal quality
    • Very Fine : Stamp in fine quality, no fault
    • Fine/Very Fine : stamp in good quality with very little fault (value a little less at the normal).
    • Fine : Stamp with little fault, nice to see with price less at the normal.
    • DEFault : Stamp with fault, very low price.

    • Mint never hinged, intact gum
    • Mint hinged
    • used
    • no gum
    • Mint not original gum nine
    • imporferated
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  • EN
  • FR
  • NL
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Sale stamps Comblain-au-Pont

For the sale of stamps Comblain-au-Pont, and everywhere in Liege in Belgium, the company Lauphilat Collections demonstrated great professionalism as a philatelist.

The company's team Lauphilat Philatelic Collections offers great price for all world stamps, postcards and revenue stamps.

Moreover, surfing our site you can distinguish two fashion sales stamp collection is the direct sale of stamps and postage stamps for sale auctions.

You can of course contact us to find a stamp that would not be present in our vast selection of rare stamps!